Paul Manning, a registered Chiropodist with clinics in Rugby, Knowle and Cotteridge. Covering a wide area as a qualified chiropodist Rugby, Paul sees many clients in his Podiatry Clinic, Knowle and also in his podiatry clinic Cotteridge and offers a free foot care check at all his foot clinics. It is important for people especially with diabetes to look after their feet and can offer services such as orthotic treatments. Having over 20 years experience, it has become part of the initial assessment of this podiatrist chiropodist to give all patients who attend for treatment a brief assessment of the state of their feet. Treatment and advice is available from this chiropodist Knowle for all sorts of problems from that irritating bit of dry skin to general aches and pains in the feet and legs and everything in between. In addition to the usual services, the chiropodist Cotteridge holds a sports injury clinic. So if you are experiencing problems with your feet, then call the foot specialist Rugby, who will be able to offer you friendly no nonsense footcare. Appointments for this registered chiropodist, Rugby can be found on the website.

No-nonsense footcare for everyone


Don’t ignore your feet, most people during their lives will experience a foot problem.

Paul Manning is a qualified and registered chiropodist and podiatrist with over 20 years experience, serving 3 clinics in the midlands area.

Get your feet checked regularly

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Tips to keep your feet healthy

Your feet are an engineering masterpiece, don’t take them for granted

Your feet are made up of:

  • 26 bones
  • 33 joints
  • More than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments

Simple foot care will ensure your feet stay healthy:

  • Get them checked regularly
  • Keep them dry
  • Wear clean socks daily
  • Don’t wear wet footwear
  • Wear correctly fitting footwear
  • Moisturise the skin, but don’t use cream between the toes.

Are your feet at risk?


If you have been diagnosed with diabetes then it is possible that you could develop complications in your feet. Regular foot checks can prevent any problems arising.

Overweight or Obesity

If your Body Mass Index falls into either of these categories then you are more likely to develop complications in your feet. Before your feet become a problem, get them checked.


Sport demands a lot of your feet so you need to take extra care of them.